Acteon Satelec Newtron P5




Acteon Satelec Newtron P5
Enter the new PURE NEWTRON® dimension
Maximize your working time and your efficiency by being guided by the features and the ergonomic design of this new generation ultrasonic devices.

Clinical applications
Equipped with B.LED technology, the latest ACTEON® SATELEC® clinical innovation for the detection and treatment of dental plaque, the NEWTRON® P5 ultrasonic generator will revolutionize your daily work.

Newtron® P5
Irrigation : Connects to water supply
Pression : 1 to 5 bars
Handpiece : NEWTRON SLIM
Handpiece weight (g) : 44
Device weight (g) : 1650
Overall dimensions (DxWxH) : 155x185x100
Newtron® P5 B.LED
Irrigation : Connects to water supply
Pression : de 1 à 5 bars
blue ring
white ring
Handpiece weight (g) : 48
Device weight (g) : 1650
Overall dimensions(DxWxH) : 155x185x100
Dental plaque disclosing liquid
F.L.A.G.™ for B.LED
Common specifications
Handpiece dimension (mm) : 110, Ø 18
Handpiece cord (m) : 2,04
Single footswitch (dimension, weight) : 70x30x100 mm (150g)
Equipment classification : .Classe I – BF type
Supply voltage : 100-240V AC 50/60Hz
Ultrasonic frequency : 28 kHz – 36 kHz
Class of medical device : II a (according to 93/42/EEC directive)
Made in Germany



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