Discovery Ultra Wireless



Easy to reach and turn on, snap pictures in no time! The perfect IOVC to show and tell
Staff reaches for it like a curing light, and educating patients becomes a habit they enjoy all day!
1 year “no fault” warranty with loaner
Single long lasting Lithium-ion battery you can replace yourself!
Macro lens for “on-tooth” diagnosis
Captures and saves images to computers with a small USB receiver, using the following imaging software:
Apteryx XVLite and XRayVision, including Prof Suni, CliniView, Dentimax, OneView and all other Apteryx OEM brands
Choice Imaging, Mediadent and many others (call for verification)
Optional foot pedal available, if you prefer over handpiece capture button.
Perfect upgrade for your legacy cameras from RFSYSTEM lab (SS21 & 24, F5W, Einstein, etc), RFAMERICA DiscoveryCam, and other OEM wireless cameras from Japan including RFDENTISTs, SkyCam, Oracam, etc


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