X-Ray2Go is a portable hand held x-ray generator that uses a high frequency inverter to generate a stable x-ray output with DC high voltage. This effective DC unit enables patient and operator to be exposed to the least amount of radiation. The integrated compact “Camera like” generator increases the user’s confidence and decrease the negative perception patients have about x-rays.
X-Ray2Go is FDA Registered. Welcome to the new way of taking x-rays in Dental Offices: X-Ray2Go is the way to go!
Key Features
Portable for room to room ease of use
Small size: 5.6? (W) x 3.3? (D) x 1.2? (H)
Lightweight: 4.4 Lbs (2 Kgs) the lightest on the market!
20cm focal point from end of cone
No installation necessary versus complex, expensive and time consuming on-wall devices
No need for pass throughs
Large LCD display – easy to read settings
Simple operation with touch controls
Adjustable exposure time
Hundreds of images from one charge of external battery pack (included)
High resolution diagnostic images
No blur from hand movement high-frequency generator produces clear images while reducing patient dose
Leading technology provides the highest level of safety, quality and patient care
Safe to use-leakage and scatter radiation are less than conventional wall mounted units
Shield protects the operator from scattered radiation – small dose of radiation emitted
Perfect for special needs patients, home health care patients, nursing home patients, children and veterinary practices
Perfect for small operatories
Perfect for mobile dentistry where room is a big factor
FDA Registered – K070811
Camera-like ergonomic design
100’s of images on single charge!
Compatible with both digital & film use
Highest image quality
Wide exposure range
Lowest patient exposure
Compact outside—smart inside
Great staff acceptance
Convenient for children and “x-ray phobic” patients
Helps eliminate patient fear and reduces x-ray rejection


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